Douglas A-26 Invader blueprints and manuals- Download

Douglas A-26 Invader blueprints and manuals- Download


The A-26 Invader, first manufactured by Douglas Aircraft in 1942, is yet another example of a World War II-driven design. It was a dual engine light bomber aircraft that could be fitted with a large variety of gun configurations, making it ideal for use in ground attacks. Although the A-26 was a workhorse and could carry a large payload of bombs, she was also fast and maneuverable.


Although the Invader saw action in both WWII and the Korean War, perhaps its most interesting use was as air support during the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. In fact, the Invader became a favorite of the CIA for years.


This DVD works on both Windows and Mac systems and contains multiple blueprints and manuals that take you inside the A-26 Invader. Read all the details for yourself, or print the images out as eye catching posters. You’ll learn why the A-26 was used for decades in both wartime and peace.



Over 10000 engineering drawings

Over 1800 pages of manuals